6 Simple Ways to Enrich Your Indoor Cat’s Life

and make it feel even more loved

Anar Rafiq
3 min readMay 3, 2021


Photo by Kåre Brekke Dahl on Unsplash

Imagine the daily routine of a cat that lives outdoors. It explores its territory in search of food. Outdoor cats must protect themselves from predators. These activities use up a great deal of physical and mental energy.

A pet that lives indoors is safe, but its life can be dull and boring. Cats crave mental and physical stimulation. An unsuitable environment leads to many behavioral issues.

Our pets deserve the best possible treatment in our homes.

Consider these simple enrichment tips for your feline friend’s wellbeing.

1. A cat tree

Cats are natural climbers. They prefer to sit in high places. Cat trees are an excellent way of allowing your cat to climb. Your cat will be pleased with an enlarged living area and the extra space.

Cat towers are available in many shapes and sizes. You can select one that suits your space and decor.

If you’re a handyman, it’s easy to build your own from an old bookshelf, remnants of carpet, and sisal rope. Another possibility is to attach floating shelves to the wall.

2. A view of the world outside

Hang baskets and hammocks near windows. Your furry friend will be able to curl up and observe the world outside.

Squirrels, birds, and the hustle-bustle on the street below will keep it entertained.

If you have space on your deck or the porch, install a “catio”. Your kitty will relish spending time in the enclosure. It is the perfect solution for an outdoor life safe from hazards.

3. Stretching and Scratching

Cats naturally stretch and scratch. This fun exercise enables them to extend and tone their muscles. Scratching helps cats sharpen and clean their claws.

Buy a tall scratching post with different textured surfaces. It should let your cat stand up high on its back legs and stretch to the tips of its toes.

4. Hiding Places

Cats like to have a snug place when it is time to rest. Provide your kitty with cubbies, baskets, and soft beds to hide and sleep.

If you have two or more cats in the household, a timid kitten will feel secure with a quiet hideaway.

Create resting places in peaceful, undisturbed areas of the house.

5. Brushing

Another delightful way to enrich your cat’s social life is to groom its coat. This strengthens the bond of love and affection you share.

Brushing keeps your cat’s coat glossy and silky. It is good for skin health as it removes dead hair.

6. Playtime

Short play sessions with your feline friend will keep her excited and engrossed. Get her toys to chase, pounce on and sink her teeth into. This will mimic hunting and burn calories.

Give your cat cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags, and toys to explore with her paws. Your cat will have hours of fun with an assortment of toys.

Take Away

Cats bring so much devotion and happiness into our lives. You can adopt these simple measures to make its surroundings rich and satisfying. Your pet will live life to its fullest.