Anar Rafiq
3 min readMay 25, 2021


Photo by Roberto Huczek on Unsplash

Our cat’s tiny paws leave big footprints across our hearts. We watch it grow from an energetic, mischievous little kitten to a loving and loyal companion.

Cats go through the same life stages as we do. In their senior years, they, too, need a little bit more love and consideration.

Indeed, you may like to consider some practical tips to help your older cat enjoy her golden years.

Be Watchful

The best way to tell if a cat is growing old is to be mindful of changes in behavior and appearance. When it becomes plain that your beloved pet is reaching old age, you shouldn’t start to worry. You need to make adjustments to the daily routines and their requirements.

It would help if you took your older pets to the vet to screen for typical illnesses that come with aging.

A Proper Diet

One of the most common problems in senior cats is obesity. They tend to sleep more and are less active. But they keep eating the same amount of food.

The best way to control obesity in older pets is to change their diet. Food designed especially for seniors includes high-quality, low-fat protein and easy-to-digest carbohydrates.

An old pet can become thinner. Senior cats enjoy several small, soft meals as they are easier to digest.


Elderly cats are vulnerable to dehydration. Make sure that a variety of bowls of water are available in the house.

Keep the bowls of water in areas that are within reach.


Gentle, low-intensity exercise is necessary for older cats. It burns off excess calories, maintains mobility, and reduces pain in joints.

Playing with cat toys keeps them active and moving. Using a scratch pole will help them stretch out their body.

Dental Care

Make it a point to include dry pet food in your cat’s diet. Dry food helps to keep teeth clean since the biscuits scrape against the surface as the cat eats. There are also treats available for cats that will help clean their teeth.

An annual professional cleaning by the vet will preserve your pet’s dental health.

Arthritis and Pain in their Joints

Older cats find it difficult to cope with sweltering temperatures or cold weather. Some with joint problems visibly struggle.

In winter, you can get beds with extra thick padding. These beds keep their joints warm and prevent stiffness after lying down for a long time. Cats also enjoy a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and tucked into their beds.

Gentle Grooming

Regular grooming benefits older cats enormously. They often lack the energy to groom themselves as they age.

Daily brushing will remove loose fur and keep their coat shiny. Brushing leaves cats feeling relaxed and pampered.

Take Away

Aging cats rely on the love and care of their family. Your cat has a special bond with you. As it gets older, the bond strengthens as it becomes more dependant on you. A senior cat will remain a cherished part of the family with patience and understanding.