Anar Rafiq
3 min readMay 26, 2021
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

You frantically pull out clothes and accessories from your closet. Then you leave home in an outfit you are uncertain about. You start the day flustered and unhappy.

When you love your outfit, you feel confident. It gives you that extra sparkle and zing in your step.

You don’t need to waste a ton of money, or even time, to look classy. You can be stylish and ready to take on the day when you have the classic essentials in your wardrobe.

1. The Little Black Dress

It is vital to have a little black dress in your closet. You should have at least two LBDs. A fun and sassy dress for date night. A well-cut, tasteful garment, appropriate to wear to the office, church, or a meeting.

Accessorize your outfit, and you’re ready for that office meeting or an evening out.

2. A Pearl Necklace

Pearls are a vintage piece of jewelry that is eternally stylish. They add instant flair whether you wear them with a casual denim outfit or an LBD.

Pearls go with every style and at any time. Even if you rarely wear jewelry, put on a pearl necklace. It is the easiest way to appear polished and sophisticated.

3. A White Shirt

A white shirt is an indispensable wardrobe essential. You can dress up any outfit with a crisp white button-up or a soft silk white blouse.

White blouses come in many trendy styles. You can find eclectic creations from collarless tuxedo shirts to tie-waist kimono styles. The classic white blouse is a fashion staple for all seasons.

4. A Leather Handbag

Yet another enduring classic is the leather handbag. Choose an understated design, like a satchel or tote, and a neutral color.

You will certainly get value for money. A well-made, quality leather bag is an excellent investment. It will become your most prized accessory and last for years.

5. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats go well with formal and informal outfits. It’s worth your while to search out the perfect pair in a neutral color.

You will discover they are your go-to shoes whenever you can’t decide what to wear. They are modish with wide-leg jeans and comfortable when you’re on your feet all day at work.

6. A Blazer

A well-tailored black blazer is versatile. It goes well with a dress, a narrow skirt or pants.

You cannot go wrong with a blazer over office outfits, on date night, or with jeans. Consider a tweed blazer and a sweater over jeans for fall and winter. A lightweight linen blazer for summer is perfection!

7. Jeans

We are likely to wear blue jeans any day. Buy the straight leg and boot cut styles as well as the new classics: skinny, wide-leg, cropped, and flare.

Dress up your jeans. Wear pearls, a t-shirt, and a blazer over denim for that casual fashion statement. If you look after your jeans, they can last for many years.

A Final Word

These timeless classics will always remain in vogue. They are practical. You can rotate them to create an outfit that expresses your style on every occasion.