They have me well trained

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Cats? Absolutely not! They scratch and bite! And dogs have big teeth!

This was my instinctive reaction to cats and dogs. Walking along the street I always made sure to give a wide berth to all cats and dogs. Until I went to visit my son. Knowing me so well, he sent me a picture. “Mom, this is our first-born”.

I am sure Zizi considered me to be the strangest human she had ever seen. There she was, this beautiful Birman cat, purring and rolling around my feet as soon I walked out of the bedroom, and there I was…

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Is there anything more annoying than pots and pans cluttering your kitchen cabinets? Does it take you ages to find the pan you are searching for?

Pots in odd shapes and sizes with long handles and odd lids are awkward to arrange in our cupboards. They occupy space that you could use better.

You may have an enormous chef’s kitchen or a small galley-style kitchen. In either case, a set of space-saving, stackable cookware will help you stay organized. You will maximize your cabinet space and instantly find what you need.

What is The Benefit of Using Stackable Pans?

The first advantage of using stackable pans is you save lots of space in the kitchen.

The design of Stackable pan sets allows them to…

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When your complexion looks dull and lifeless, it makes you unhappy. You want to look your very best! You splurge on a new skincare routine, but you still don’t get the fresh, dewy skin you want.

There are some mistakes you’re probably making that could damage your skin. It would help if you adopted the correct regimen to maintain skin health and a bright complexion.

Try to check which skincare slips you may be guilty of without even realizing it.

1. Not washing your face at night

Your skin is exposed to pollutants all day. …

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As a business owner, you look for ways to connect to your customer base and boost your business. You first need to determine where potential buyers spend most of their time. Today, it is the internet.

Digital marketing is crucial when it comes to making a success of your business.

Marketing is an area that allows you to be cost-effective. Many free and low-cost marketing tools are available to help promote your business.

1. Email Marketing with MailChimp

Email marketing is a high return on investment (ROI) digital marketing tool. Collecting email addresses from customers is quite straightforward.

A free, powerful tool like MailChimp enables…

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You frantically pull out clothes and accessories from your closet. Then you leave home in an outfit you are uncertain about. You start the day flustered and unhappy.

When you love your outfit, you feel confident. It gives you that extra sparkle and zing in your step.

You don’t need to waste a ton of money, or even time, to look classy. You can be stylish and ready to take on the day when you have the classic essentials in your wardrobe.

1. The Little Black Dress

It is vital to have a little black dress in your closet. You should have at least two…

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Our cat’s tiny paws leave big footprints across our hearts. We watch it grow from an energetic, mischievous little kitten to a loving and loyal companion.

Cats go through the same life stages as we do. In their senior years, they, too, need a little bit more love and consideration.

Indeed, you may like to consider some practical tips to help your older cat enjoy her golden years.

Be Watchful

The best way to tell if a cat is growing old is to be mindful of changes in behavior and appearance. When it becomes plain that your beloved pet is reaching old…

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You enjoy traveling, but you dread lugging a bulky carry-on bag around. You leave out necessities at the thought of lifting a heavy bag into the overhead bin. Purchasing quality under-seat luggage is a great option.

Underseat carry-on bags fit under the seat in front of you. These bags come in different layouts and sizes, yet they are compact, easy to carry, and roomy. They make it easy to access essentials during the flight.

With under-seat luggage, you can reach for your gadgets, extra pullover, or snacks without getting up. You won’t even disturb the person sitting next to you.

Why Use Underseat Luggage?

Design a ritual that suits you

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You’re not a morning person! You skip breakfast, throw on the first outfit that comes to hand and dash out! Have you noticed when you scramble around in the morning, you’re frazzled the entire day?

There’s a reason high-achievers establish their ideal morning routine. They know getting off to a good start prepares them for the rest of the day.

What if you could craft the perfect morning ritual that lets you thrive? Here are a few suggestions for you.

“How you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” …

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Are you a history buff? If bygone days and the lives of royalty intrigue you, these castles are worth your time. Their ancient stones brim with mystery and bring the past alive.

Every castle will present you with a fascinating experience. Each one possesses a distinctive character, history, and architecture. Some are romantic while others are forbidding. Yet they all stir up a sense of wonder.

You can walk where kings and queens once walked and lived. Hear tales of their glory.

1. Carreg Cennen Castle, Wales

The story of Carreg Cennen Castle goes back at least to the 13th century. Much of the interior…

and make it feel even more loved

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Imagine the daily routine of a cat that lives outdoors. It explores its territory in search of food. Outdoor cats must protect themselves from predators. These activities use up a great deal of physical and mental energy.

A pet that lives indoors is safe, but its life can be dull and boring. Cats crave mental and physical stimulation. An unsuitable environment leads to many behavioral issues.

Our pets deserve the best possible treatment in our homes.

Consider these simple enrichment tips for your feline friend’s wellbeing.

1. A cat tree

Cats are natural climbers. They prefer to sit in high places. Cat trees are an excellent way of allowing your cat to climb. …

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